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Effects of GGX on an Ovalbumin-induced Asthma Mice Model
Tae-hyeon Kim, Won-kyung Yang, Su-won Lee, Seong-cheon Woo, Seung-hyung Kim, Yang-chun Park
J Int Korean Med. 2023;44(3):294-312.   Published online June 30, 2023     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2023.44.3.294
                           Cited By 1
A Case of Asthma-Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Syndrome Exacerbated After COVID-19 Infection
Mariah Kim, Hee-kyung Kang, So-jun Park, So-yeon Kim, Young-ju Yun, In Lee, Chang-woo Han, Jin-woo Hong, Jung-nam Kwon, Jun-yong Choi
J Int Korean Med. 2022;43(6):1229-1238.   Published online December 30, 2022     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2022.43.6.1229
                           Cited By 1
A Case Report of Korean Medicine Treatment for A Patient with Variant Angina and Asthma Symptoms
Min-joo Kim, Tae-ha Kwon
J Int Korean Med. 2022;43(5):864-873.   Published online October 30, 2022     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2022.43.5.864
A Case of Jaeumganghwa-tang and Gyeongok-go Korean Medicine Treatment for Asthma Patients
Haeni Seo, Ho-sueb Song, Seung-bo Yang
J Int Korean Med. 2022;43(3):493-501.   Published online June 30, 2022     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2022.43.3.493
                     Cited By 1
A Case Report on Sojaganggi-tang Treatment for a Patient with Asthma
Hye-mi Jo, Bong-hun Kil, Eun-chang Lee, Hye-soo Youn, Dong-won Kim, Da-young Han, Da-hae Jung, Jung-eun Lee
J Int Korean Med. 2021;42(5):1109-1117.   Published online October 30, 2021     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2021.42.5.1109
                           Cited By 1
A Cross-sectional Study of Deficiency-Excess Pattern Identification with Blood Cytokines and Characteristics of Patients with Asthma
Chang-hwan Yu, Sung-woo Kang, Sung-eun Hong, Kwan-il Kim, Beom-joon Lee, Hee-jae Jung
J Int Korean Med. 2020;41(4):583-598.   Published online September 30, 2020     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2020.41.4.583
                           Cited By 1
A Comparative Analysis of Deficiency-Excess Pattern Identification with Sputum Cytokines and the Characteristics of Asthma Patients
Ha-yoon Do, Chang-hwan Yu, Sung-woo Kang, Kwan-il Kim, Beom-joon Lee, Hee-jae Jung
J Int Korean Med. 2019;40(4):582-596.     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2019.40.4.582
                           Cited By 2
Effects of Hubakmawhang-tang on Asthma Model Mice Induced by Ovalbumin
Ga-young Na, Hye-in Lee, Young-kwang Kim, Young-ho Moon
J Int Korean Med. 2018;39(4):451-462.   Published online September 30, 2018     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2018.39.4.451
A Case Report of Asthma Treated with Yeonggamomigangshinha-tang
Ah-hyun Son, Ji-yoon Go, A-reum Park, Hyeon-su Shin
J Int Korean Med. 2018;39(2):184-191.   Published online May 30, 2018     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2018.39.2.184
                           Cited By 1
Deficiency-excess and Cold-heat Pattern Identification and Analysis of the Characteristics of Asthma Patients
Yeon-hee Bhang, Jae-hyo Kim, Ha-yoon Do, Mi-a Kim, Kwan-il Kim, Beom-joon Lee, Hee-jae Jung
J Int Korean Med. 2017;38(6):955-970.   Published online December 31, 2017     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2017.38.6.955
                           Cited By 3
Anti-asthmatic Effect of Alismatis Rhizoma and Alisol Acetate B Combination Therapy in a Murine Asthma Model
Mi-jun Park, June-yi Heo, Min-jung Kwun, Chang-woo Han
J Int Korean Med. 2017;38(6):891-901.   Published online December 31, 2017     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2017.38.6.891
The Effects of Hyeongbangdojeok-san-gami on Pulmonary Function and Quality of Life in Asthmatic Patients
Ki-tae Kim, Jin-hwa Jung
J Int Korean Med. 2016;37(5):839-846.   Published online October 30, 2016     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2016.37.5.839
                           Cited By 3
A Retrospective Study of Chronic Pulmonary Disease Patients Treated with Chungsangboha-tang : IgE, eosinophil, PFT
Hyun-jung Baek, Yeon-hee Bhang, Jae-hyo Kim, Sang-jin Kim, Kwan-il Kim, Beom-joon Lee, Hee-jae Jung, Sung-ki Jung
J Int Korean Med. 2016;37(3):484-494.   Published online June 30, 2016
Two Cases of Asthma Patients Treated with CheonPae-hwan
Su-ryun Han, Gun Park, O-yong Kwon
J Int Korean Med. 2016;37(2):218-224.   Published online May 31, 2016
Association Study in Endothelin 1 (EDN1) Gene Polymorphism and Excess or Deficiency Syndrome in Korean Asthmatic Patients
Yu-rim Yoem, Kwan-il Kim, Hyun-jung Baek, Mi-a Kim, Beom-joon Lee, Jin-ju Kim, Su-kang Kim, Joo-ho Chung, Hee-jae Jung, Sung-ki Jung
J Int Korean Med. 2016;37(1):47-64.   Published online March 31, 2016
Exonic SNP (rs7144, 3’-UTR) in CD46 Molecule and Complement Regulatory Protein (CD46) Gene Associated with Excess Syndrome to Categorize Korean Bronchial Asthma Patients
Mei Lee, Hyun-jung Baek, Eui-keun Park, Kwan-il Kim, Beom-joon Lee, Su-kang Kim, Joo-ho Chung, Jin-ju Kim, Mi-a Kim, Hee-jae Jung, Sung-ki Jung
J Int Korean Med. 2015;36(4):547-560.   Published online December 31, 2015
喘息환자의 유지치료를 위한 補中益湯의 효과
설무창, 김도선, 김도현, 장하련, 김진주, 정희재, 정승기
J Int Korean Med. 2011;32(4):497-503.   Published online December 30, 2011
기관지천식 환자의 효과적인 치료를 위한 淸上補下湯의 임상적 관찰
방지현, 정희재, 정승기
J Int Korean Med. 2011;32(1):10-25.   Published online March 30, 2011
Effects of Salviae miltiorrhizae on Inflammatory Cells Associated with Asthma via Splenocyte, BMMC, Eosinophil
Seung-yeon Jeong, Jin-ju Kim, Hee-jae Jung, Sung-ki Jung
J Int Korean Med. 2009;30(1):9-23.   Published online March 30, 2009
Effects of Samjawhadam-jeon on Immune Cells in Ovalbumin-induced Asthmatic Mice
Joung-eun Lee, Yang-chun Park
J Int Korean Med. 2008;29(3):742-751.   Published online September 30, 2008
Effects of Gamisagunja-tang in an Ovalbumin(OVA)-Induced Allergic Asthma in Mice
Ji-woo Son, Jo-young Shin, Si-hyeong Lee
J Int Korean Med. 2008;29(2):456-468.   Published online June 30, 2008
Analysis of Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein 1(MCP-1) Polymorphism in Korean Patients with Asthma
Woo-suk Hwang, Seung-yeon Jeong, Jin-ju Kim, Hee-jae Jung, Sung-ki Jung
J Int Korean Med. 2008;29(1):32-41.   Published online March 30, 2008
Effect of Chungsangboha-tang on LPS induced Anti-inflammatory in THP-1 cells
Kyung-hee Lee, Hong-yeoul Kim, Hee-jae Jung, Hyung-koo Lee
J Int Korean Med. 2008;29(1):12-24.   Published online March 30, 2008
排便障碍를 동반한 중풍 환자의 哮喘證에 대해 太陰人 淸肺瀉肝湯加味方을 투여한 치험 1례
임인환, 이범준, 정승환, 김동현, 나병조
Published online May 30, 2007
Studying of the Effects of Atractylodes Japonica Extract on Th1/Th2 Cell-derived Cytokines
Jeong-woo Lee, Hyung-koo Rhee, Hee-jae Jung
J Int Korean Med. 2007;28(4):681-693.   Published online December 30, 2007
Research on Outcome Indicators in Clinical Trials of Asthma, Cough, and Sputum by Reviewing Papers Searched from PubMed
Mi-hyune Oh, Ji-hyung Lee, Bo-hyoung Jang, Sung-ki Jung, Seung-ho Sun, Ho-yeon Ko, Chan-yong Jun, Jong-hyeong Park, Seong-gyu Ko
J Int Korean Med. 2007;28(3):519-530.   Published online September 30, 2007
Association Study of Glutathione-S-Transferase M1/T1 Gene Polymorphism with Deficiency-Excess Differentiation-syndrome in Korean Bronchial Asthmatics
Seung-ryeol Yu, Seung-yeon Jeong, Ju-ho Jung, Jin-ju Kim, Sung-ki Jung
J Int Korean Med. 2007;28(3):453-463.   Published online September 30, 2007
천식 환자에 대한 柴朴湯의 증상 개선 및 스테로이드
정세연, 김창현, 민인규, 황재웅, 최창민, 홍진우, 박성욱, 정우상,
Published online October 30, 2006
기관지천식의 임상 증상 평가 분석을 통한 호흡기계 질환의
황준호, 이건영, 정승연, 이성헌, 정희재, 정승기
Published online October 30, 2006
The inhibitory effects of hot water and ethanol extract of Gamichungsangbohatang on cytokines related to ashtma
Seung-Yeon Jeong, Sung-Hun Lee, Joon-Ho Hwang, Kun-Young Lee, Jin-Ju Kim, Hee-Jae Jung, Hyung-Koo Rhee, Sung-Ki Jung
J Int Korean Med. 2006;27(2):521-532.   Published online June 30, 2006
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