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Preliminary Research for Developing a Pattern Identification Tool for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
Objective: The purpose of this study was to develop a standard tool for identifying idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis patterns. Methods: Textbooks, published literature, and references with comments on patterns were reviewed. Using the Delphi method, we determined pattern identific...
Study of the Antioxidant Effect of Ojayeonjong-hwan
Objective: In this study, the antioxidant activity of Ojayeonjong-hwan extracts was compared, and the following results were obtained. Methods: For hydrothermal and ethanol extracts, DPPH free radical and ABTS cationic radical erasing activity and reducing power using the FRAP ...
A Retrospective Study of the Effectiveness and Safety of Banhasasim-tang, Gumiganghwal-tang, or Pyeongwee-san in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Objective: This study was conducted to evaluate the hypoglycemic effect and safety of herbal extracts in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Methods: We investigated 19 hospitalized patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus who were administered Banhasasim-tang (BST), Gumigang...
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Original Articles
327 Preliminary Research for Developing a Pattern Identification Tool for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
Sung-eun Hong, Ji-won Park, Jeong-won Shin, Jung-eun Kil, Kwan-il Kim, Yung-min Bu, Hee-jae Jung, Beom-joon Lee
J Int Korean Med. 2022;43(3):327-343.   Published online June 30, 2022     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2022.43.3.327
344 Study of the Antioxidant Effect of Ojayeonjong-hwan
Yu-jin Jung, Sang-eun Park, Sang-hoon Hong
J Int Korean Med. 2022;43(3):344-362.   Published online June 30, 2022     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2022.43.3.344
363 A Retrospective Study of the Effectiveness and Safety of Banhasasim-tang, Gumiganghwal-tang, or Pyeongwee-san in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Seung-hyun Oh, Min-seong Lee, Woo-nyoung Jung, Ji-won Noh, Young-min Ahn, Se-young Ahn, Byung-cheol Lee
J Int Korean Med. 2022;43(3):363-374.   Published online June 30, 2022     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2022.43.3.363
375 A Review of Recent Clinical Studies of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) on Xerostomia - PubMed and Domestic Studies
Eunkyung Lee, Hyejin Jun, Minjeong Kim, Jae-Woo Park, Seok-Jae Ko
J Int Korean Med. 2022;43(3):375-386.   Published online June 30, 2022     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2022.43.3.375
387 Comparison of Clinical Characteristics of Patients between Genuine and Pseudo Halitosis
Chang-Yul Keum, Hyun-Jin Lee, Yun-jae Cho, Aram Han, Chae-Rim Yoon, Su-Hyun Choi, Na-yeon Ha, Jinsung Kim
J Int Korean Med. 2022;43(3):387-395.   Published online June 30, 2022     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2022.43.3.387
396 Effects of Korean Medicine Treatment in Post-acute COVID-19 Syndrome: A Retrospective Case Series of 15 Patients
Jiwon Park, Sung-eun Hong, Jeong-Won Shin, Kwan-Il Kim, Beom-Joon Lee, Hee-Jae Jung
J Int Korean Med. 2022;43(3):396-412.   Published online June 30, 2022     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2022.43.3.396
413 A Retrospective Analysis of the Effectiveness of Taking Gambi-tang in Overweight and Obese Adults
Han-song Park, Hee-jung Yoo, Ji-su Ha, Hyun-seo Park, Ho-seok Seo, Jin-won Kim
J Int Korean Med. 2022;43(3):413-422.   Published online June 30, 2022     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2022.43.3.413
423 Clinical Effect of Gyeongok-go: A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials
Heekyung Kang, Changwoo Han
J Int Korean Med. 2022;43(3):423-435.   Published online June 30, 2022     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2022.43.3.423
Case Reports
436 A Case Report of a Patient with Probable-REM Sleep Behavior Disorder Treated by Ukgan-san with Western Medicine
Da-hae Jung, Choong-hyun Park, Hye-soo Youn, Eun-chang Lee, Hye-mi Jo, Da-young Han, Jung-eun Lee
J Int Korean Med. 2022;43(3):436-443.   Published online June 30, 2022     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2022.43.3.436
444 One Case of Myelodysplastic Syndrome Treated with Herbal Medicine
Cho-Hyun Hwang, Eujin Kim, Juyoung Lee, Eungyeong Jang, Jang-Hoon Lee, Youngchul Kim
J Int Korean Med. 2022;43(3):444-450.   Published online June 30, 2022     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2022.43.3.444
451 A Case Report of Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy Treated with Modified Guibi-tang
Su Bin Park, Jee-Hyun Yoon, Eun Hye Kim, Seong Woo Yoon
J Int Korean Med. 2022;43(3):451-459.   Published online June 30, 2022     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2022.43.3.451
460 A Case Report of a Drug-resistant Epilepsy Patient Complaining Generalized Tonic-Clonic Seizures Treated with Korean Medical Treatment
Youngseon Lee, Seong-Hoon Jeong, In-hu Bae, Ki-ho Cho, Sang-Kwan Moon, Woo-sang Jung, Seung-won Kwon
J Int Korean Med. 2022;43(3):460-468.   Published online June 30, 2022     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2022.43.3.460
469 A Case Study of Yulgyuk and Banui Syndrome in a Patient with Systemic Sclerosis
Young-ho Moon
J Int Korean Med. 2022;43(3):469-476.   Published online June 30, 2022     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2022.43.3.469
477 A Case Report of Symptom Improvement with Recurrent Gallbladder Cancer Patients Treated with Korean Medicine-based Integrative Cancer Treatment
Eun-ju Ko, Sung-kuk Do, Ji-hye Park, Si-yeon Song, Yeon-weol Lee, Hwa-seung Yoo
J Int Korean Med. 2022;43(3):477-484.   Published online June 30, 2022     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2022.43.3.477
485 A Case Report of a Functional Dyspepsia Patient with Anxiety and Abdominal Pulsation Treated with Shihogayonggolmoryo-tang
Mi-jung Yoon, Na-yeon Kim, Hong-sik Choi, Seung-mo Kim, Kyung-soon Kim
J Int Korean Med. 2022;43(3):485-492.   Published online June 30, 2022     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2022.43.3.485
493 A Case of Jaeumganghwa-tang and Gyeongok-go Korean Medicine Treatment for Asthma Patients
Haeni Seo, Ho-sueb Song, Seung-bo Yang
J Int Korean Med. 2022;43(3):493-501.   Published online June 30, 2022     DOI: https://doi.org/10.22246/jikm.2022.43.3.493
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